New UAVOS Fixed-Wing Drone Offers Easy Setup, Launch



A Silicon Valley drone startup is making on-the-spot drone missions speedier and longer.


Mountain Valley-based UAVOS last week announced the launch of the Borey-10 unmanned fixed-wing aircraft, a drone with several new design enhancements that allow a user to assemble the UAV in about 10 minutes.


Innovative design features include rechargeable LiIon cell-based batteries assembled in-house as well as a hermetic casing of the autopilot built with the minimum number of components to reduce the chance of dangerous mistakes.


The Borey-10 is easily transported, assembled, and launched fast even under the most unfavorable conditions,” Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and board member said in a press release. “In the process of developing the aircraft, special attention was paid to the simplicity of operation, which significantly reduces the cost of maintenance and preparation for the flight and increases the economical utilization efficiency of the complex.”


Tarasov added the fixed-wing drone is designed for missions such as mapping, surveillance as well as reconnaissance tasks and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, military bases or borders.



Real-time video transfer range of at least 18 miles;

High duration non-stop flight time — 4 hours with a payload of 2 pounds (1 kg);

A heated battery compartment allows flight in temperatures as low as -22F;

Equipped with high-res photo camera, front video camera, thermal imager and gyrostabilized television camera.


Our programmers have developed special software that greatly facilitates the subsequent processing of data and makes it possible to automate the process of merging the necessary frames,” Tarasov added. Sporting a wingspan of 140 inches and weighing in at 20 pounds, the Borey-10 requires no special training, Tarasov said. Take off is made using a rubber rope or catapult and the drone lands via parachute.


In February, UAVOS announced a successful test flight of its SURVEYOR-HE Unmanned Aerial System equipped with an electric engine unit. The company says the new model increases performance with carrying capacity, flying range, and extended temperature range. Later that month, the company demonstrated SURVEYOR-HE at UMEX in Abu Dhabi, dubbing the model a “tractor modification” of a VTOL drone.





 “无论在最不利的条件下,Borey-10都可以很轻易地运输、组装和发射,”UAVOS投资者和董事会成员Vadim Tarasov在新闻稿中表示,“在开发飞行器的过程中,特别注意操作的简单性,这大大降低了飞行维护和准备的成本,并提高了该机组的经济利用效率。”





·高持续飞行时间 4小时,有效载荷为2磅(1公斤);








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