Kittyhawk Releases Revolutionary Hardware Product For Enterprise Drone Operations



San Francisco, Ca. April 1, 2018 — Kittyhawk, the leader in enterprise drone operations software, today announced their foray into the world of drone hardware. The Kittyhawk Log Book® provides enterprises a new and scalable way to take their drone program from one pilot to half-a-dozen or more.


Over the past few years, we’ve started seeing some of the largest teams starting to use analogue management solutions for their drone operations,” said Connor Frost of GroundedInsights, LLC


Capitalizing on their deep expertise in the hardware space, Kittyhawk is looking to foster the next generation of growth and innovation in the space. The Kittyhawk Log Book® provides features being demanded by modern enterprises to cultivate their culture of safety and ensure their compliance to rigorous safety standards.


I’m frankly surprised it took Kittyhawk this long to start demonstrating their prowess in the hardware space. This is a logical next step for them.” Said Mitchell Edges of Snow and Soloman analysts.


After talking to hundreds of Fortune 50 companies, we came to the conclusion that they were just looking for a way to take information and somehow store it. We did a lot of research on how to store information and found that sometimes everything old is, in fact, new again. We went with a book.” Says Joshua Ziering, Co-Founder and Chief Pilot of


Available today, the Kittyhawk Log Book® brings game-changing compatibility for the modern enterprise. Native compatibility with pen, pencil, and rubber stamp come standard with every Kittyhawk Log Book®.


I’ve used three of them and already love them. I’ve found that using different color pens is an easy and smart way to add additional context to your flight records. For example, Green logs are all the new confidential drones I fly where I can’t write their real names down, blue is for drones flown in beautiful exotic locations, and red are drones that I like. All of my green pages go well with the stylish K on the front.” said Sophie Welsh, prolific drone blogger.


In addition to the Kittyhawk Log Book®, Kittyhawk also announced a deep integration with the Fedex and UPS API’s today. Now, when you need to move this critical data around, you can request an envelope from the Kittyhawk platform. Days later, a courier will arrive with an envelope. Simply put your Kittyhawk Log Book® in the envelope, and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Within days, someone else on your team can have access to your data. Managing enterprise drone operations has never been easier.


 After all our market research, we kept finding that analog hardware solutions really provided the most value to our customers. We’re excited to enter the extremely crowded commercial drone hardware space and differentiate ourselves so much with our new offering.” said Kittyhawk CEO, Jon Hegranes.



201841日加利福尼亚州旧金山,企业无人机操作软件领导者Kittyhawk今天宣布进军无人机硬件世界。 Kittyhawk LogBook®为企业提供了一种新的可扩展的方式,可以将他们的无人机项目从一名飞行员发展到六个或更多。

“在过去的几年中,我们已经开始看到一些最大的团队开始为他们的无人机操作使用模拟管理解决方案,”GroundedInsightsLLC公司的Connor Frost说道。

利用其在硬件领域的深厚专业知识,Kittyhawk正在寻求促进该领域的下一代发展和创新。 Kittyhawk LogBook®提供现代企业要求的功能,以培养他们的安全文化并确保他们遵守严格的安全标准。

“我非常惊讶地发现Kittyhawk这么长时间才开始展示他们在硬件领域的实力。这对他们来说是合乎逻辑的下一步。”SnowSoloman分析师的Mitchell Edges表示。

“在与数百家财富50强企业交谈后,我们得出结论,他们只是在寻找一种获取信息并以某种方式存储的方式。我们在如何存储信息方面进行了大量研究,发现有时一切老旧的东西事实上都是新的事物。我们带着一本书去了。”Kittyhawk.io联合创始人兼首席飞行员Joshua Ziering说。

Kittyhawk LogBook®,为现代企业带来了改变游戏规则的兼容性。与钢笔、铅笔和橡皮章的本地兼容性是每个Kittyhawk LogBook®的标准配置。

“我已经使用了它们中的三个,并且已经爱上使用它们了。我发现使用不同颜色的笔是一种简单而聪明的方式,可以为您的航班记录添加额外的语境。例如,绿色原木是我无法写下真实名字的所有新的机密无人机,蓝色是无人机在美丽的异国景点飞行,红色是我喜欢的无人机。我所有的绿色的页面都与前面有型的K很搭配。“多产的无人机博主Sophie Welsh说。

除了Kittyhawk LogBook®之外,Kittyhawk还宣布今天与FedexUPS API深度整合。现在,当您需要移动这些关键数据时,您可以从Kittyhawk平台求得信封。几天后,一名快递将带着一个信封到达。只需将您的Kittyhawk LogBook®放入信封中,然后将其放入最近的邮箱。几天之内,您的团队中的其他人就可以访问您的数据。管理企业无人机操作从未如此简单。

“经过我们所有的市场调查,我们不断发现模拟硬件解决方案真的为我们的客户提供了最大的价值。我们很高兴能够进入这个非常拥挤的商业无人机硬件领域,并通过我们的新产品与众不同。“Kittyhawk首席执行官Jon Hegranes说。

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