UAV Vision Introduces a Military-Focused Sister Company



UAV Vision, specialist designers of lightweight, gyro-stabilised imaging systems, announced the launch of its sister company, Defence Vision, which will focus exclusively on the military market.


Utilising some of UAV Vision’s best talent, Defence Vision will provide innovative products, quality service, and a tailored customer journey for military officials. To fulfil the growing demand for high-performance imaging sensors for airborne, ground and maritime missions, Defence Vision will become the sole trader of UAV Vision sensors for the military market. With an experienced team of engineers, the company will grow its product line with more innovative, high-performance and excellent value products to provide veterans with greater capabilities in their missions.


Defence Vision opened its headquarters in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. With a CBD location, Defence Vision has access to high-quality talent, which will be imperative to the development of the business. As the company expands, Defence Vision will be seeking motivated individuals to join its dynamic and creative team.


UAV Vision has been providing lightweight, gyro-stabilised camera systems for defence and commercial applications since formation in 2006. By introducing Defence Vision to cover the military market, UAV Vision has the advantage of focusing on the commercial market. This segregation means each company can prioritise the unique requirements and demands of their markets.


CEO of UAV Vision, Mike Bailey, said “A commercial and a military mission is very different from one another. Although they may both require a lightweight, high-performance and multi-sensor imaging sensor; they have different end goals. By introducing Defence Vision, we can prioritise the needs of both customers. Defence Vision has taken on-board some of UAV Vision’s most experienced talent, whilst introducing industry specialists to the team. This is an exciting time for both companies as we can tailor our products, services and customer journeys to suit the needs of our commercial and military customers. With over 12 years of experience in delivering systems to both the military and commercial markets, we have the knowledge and practice to best serve them individually.


Company information:


UAV Vision Pty Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of lightweight, highly integrated, gyro-stabilised camera gimbals. Our high-performance sensors are integrated into UAVs, manned aircraft, marine vessels, fixed ground platforms and ground vehicles; helping our customers achieve their goals.



UAV Vision是轻型陀螺稳定成像系统的专家级设计师,它宣布启动其姊妹公司Defense Vision,该公司将专注于军事市场。

利用无人机Vision的一些最佳人才,Defense Vision将为军方官员提供创新产品、优质服务和量身定制的客户之旅。为了满足对空中、地面和海上任务高性能成像传感器不断增长的需求,Defense Vision将成为军用无人机视觉传感器的唯一交易商。凭借经验丰富的工程师团队,公司将通过更具创新性、高性能和卓越价值的产品来扩大其产品线,为退伍军人提供更强大的任务能力。

Defense Vision在澳大利亚墨尔本市中心开设了总部。凭借CBD的位置,Defense Vision可以获得高质量的人才,这对企业的发展至关重要。随着公司的扩展,Defense Vision将寻求有动力的个人加入其充满活力和创造力的团队。

2006年成立以来,无人机Vision一直为国防和商业应用提供轻型、陀螺稳定的摄像系统。通过引入Defense Vision来覆盖军事市场,UAV Vision具有专注于商业市场的优势。这种隔离意味着每家公司都可以优先考虑其市场的独特需求和需求。

无人机视觉公司首席执行官Mike Bailey表示:“商业和军事任务彼此截然不同。虽然他们可能都需要一个轻量级、高性能和多传感器成像传感器;他们有不同的最终目标。通过引入防御视野,我们可以优先考虑两个客户的需求。 Defense Vision已经将无人机Vision公司的最有经验的人才带到了这里,同时向该团队介绍了行业专家。对于两家公司来说,这是一个激动人心的时刻,因为我们可以量身定制我们的产品,服务和客户旅程,以满足商业和军事客户的需求。凭借在向军事和商业市场提供系统方面超过12年的经验,我们拥有丰富的知识和实践经验,可以为他们提供最佳的个人服务。



UAV Vision Pty Ltd是一家领先的轻型高集成陀螺稳定相机平衡环的设计者和制造商。我们的高性能传感器集成到无人机,有人驾驶飞机,船舶,固定地面平台和地面车辆中;帮助我们的客户实现其目标。


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