Skycatch and DJI Announce Global Agreement to Deliver High-Precision Custom Drones for Komatsu



Commercial drone data company Skycatch, and DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer of civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, have extended their partnership to manufacture and deliver a fleet of high-precision drones for Komatsu Smart Construction. Each drone is manufactured by DJI and outfitted with specialized Skycatch technology, and is the first time DJI has manufactured a custom drone for a partner.


The Skycatch Explore1 drone autonomously flies over job sites to create highly accurate 3D site maps and models and will be deployed on Komatsu job sites. This map data will be used for Komatsu Smart Construction’s new data service that enables robotic earth moving equipment, used in the earthwork stage of the construction process, to correctly dig, bulldoze, and grade land autonomously according to digital construction plans.


Conducting a site survey using a drone used to take hours. However, by implementing Explore1, users can carry out surveying quickly and easily. Now it is possible to perform drone surveying every day. Taking off, landing and flight route setting are all automated. Ground Control Points (GCPs) are no longer needed. 3D data is immediately generated and an entire construction site can be visually checked with the 3D map. The Explore1 is a true game changer for the construction site,” said Chikashi Shike, Executive Office of Smart Construction Division at Komatsu.


The Explore1 drone is built on DJI’s customizable Matrice 100 enterprise drone platform and is part of Skycatch’s High Precision Package along with the Edge1 RTK base station, a highly powerful ruggedized computer with software that locally processes drone images into precise 3D models regardless of wireless connectivity and location. Together, these technologies enable firms to create highly accurate maps and point clouds, discover costly job site mistakes, and predict schedule delays, saving up to tens of thousands of dollars per week.


Being the first company to integrate into DJI’s manufacturing process will deliver incredible value to our customers worldwide,” said Christian Sanz, CEO at Skycatch. “By combining DJI’s mastery of hardware manufacturing and aerial technology with Skycatch’s data processing and customer expertise, we’ve created the most powerful and comprehensive solution for enterprise customers everywhere.”


The Explore1 demonstrates DJI’s strategy to provide customers with the most powerful and reliable drone platforms on the market that can be tailored to the needs of any industry,” said Jan Gasparic, Head of Enterprise Partnerships at DJI. “Our close collaboration with Skycatch on this exciting program has resulted in a best-in-class solution of software and hardware for aerial surveying that truly changes the game for both our customers and the commercial drone industry.”


Learn more about Skycatch’s High Precision Package at Japan Drone 2018, held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The Explore1 and Edge1 is on display at the DJI booth located at C 23.



Skycatch Explore1无人机自动飞过施工现场,创建高度精确的3D站点地图和模型,并将它部署在小松施工现场。该地图数据将用于小松智能建筑公司的新数据服务,该服务使建筑工程土方工程中使用的机器人移土设备能够根据数字化施工计划自主地正确挖掘、推土和分级土地。

“使用无人机进行现场调查需要花费数小时。但是,通过实施Explore1,用户可以快速轻松地进行测量。现在可以每天进行无人机测量。起飞、着陆和飞行路线设置都是自动的。地面控制点(GCP)不再需要。 3D数据立即生成,整个施工现场可以通过3D地图进行视觉检查。 Explore1是建筑工地真正的游戏改变者。”小松智能建筑部执行办公室Chikashi Shike这么说道。

Explore1无人机采用DJI可定制的Matrice 100企业级无人机平台,是Skycatch高精度套装的一部分,Edge1 RTK基站是一款功能强大的加固型计算机,其软件可将无人机图像本地处理为精确的3D模型,且无需考虑无线连接和位置。这些技术一起使企业能够创建高度准确的地图和点云,发现代价高昂的工作现场错误,并预测时间延迟,每周节省多达数万美元。

Skycatch首席执行官Christian Sanz表示:“作为第一家融入大疆制造流程的公司,将为我们全球的客户带来难以置信的价值”,“通过将大疆对硬件制造和天线技术的掌握与Skycatch的数据处理和客户专业知识相结合,我们为各地的企业客户创建了最强大、最全面的解决方案。”

Explore1展示了大疆为客户提供市场上最强大、最可靠的无人机平台的战略,该平台可针对任何行业的需求进行量身定制,”DJI企业合作伙伴负责人Jan Gasparic说,“我们与Skycatch在这个令人激动的计划上的密切合作,为航空测量带来了一流的软件和硬件解决方案,真正改变了我们的客户和商业无人机行业的游戏。”

在日本千叶县幕张展览馆举办的日本无人驾驶飞机2018展会上了解更多有关Skycatch的高精度套件。 Explore1Edge1在位于C23的大疆展台展出。

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