Augmented Reality Drone Company Edgybees Raises $5.5M





Edgybees, creator of an augmented reality (AR) development platform for fast-moving platforms such as cars, airplanes and drones, has completed a $5.5 million seed round.


The round included Motorola Solutions Venture Capital and Verizon Ventures. Venture firms OurCrowd, 8VC, NfX and Aspect Ventures also participated. The company plans to use the funding to bring its AR technology to new verticals, including defense, smart cities, automotive and broadcast media.


Edgybees enables developers to create realistic, immersive experiences that layer 3D visuals over live video from fast-moving cameras. Its patent-pending algorithms stream video and data from cameras mounted on cars, unmanned aerial platforms or body-worn accessories and can maintain virtual overlays locked against the real world, the company explains.


Edgybees’ technology was first applied to an AR racing game for drones, released in conjunction with DJI in early 2017. Later that year, Edgybees also released First Response, a drone flying app being used by emergency responders. The app was first used by officials operating in the Florida Keys in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, where they leveraged mapping overlays to identify distress calls in flooded areas. First Response was also used by local authorities to keep firemen out of harm’s way during the northern California fires last October, says Edgybees.


What started as technology powering a racing game is now saving lives around the world,” says Adam Kaplan, co-founder and CEO. “The overwhelming response by commercial and industrial drone users looking to leverage AR and partner with us in the fields of fire, public safety, and search and rescue has been amazing, and we can’t wait to expand the next set of drone applications into new markets.”


OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved adds, “At OurCrowd, we are particularly happy to invest in groundbreaking tech companies who believe they will change the world. What makes Edgybees so special is that they have already demonstrated that their drone software can save lives in addition to making software history by enabling augmented reality at high speed.”


Edgybees is headquartered in Israel and has offices in Europe and the U.S.




这一轮包括摩托罗拉解决方案风险投资和威瑞森风险投资。风险投资公司OurCrowd8VCNfXAspect Ventures也参与其中。该公司计划利用这笔资金将其AR技术应用于新的垂直行业,包括国防、智能城市、汽车和广播媒体。


Edgybees的技术首次应用于无人驾驶飞机的AR赛车游戏,并于2017年初与大疆联合发布。同年晚些时候,Edgybees还发布了First Response,这是一款应急响应者使用的无人机飞行应用程序。该应用程序首次在飓风伊尔玛之后在佛罗里达群岛官方使用,他们利用地图叠加层识别淹没地区的求救信号。 Edgybees表示,First Response也被地方当局用来在去年十月加州北部发生的大火中帮助消防员逃离危险。

“开发赛车游戏的技术正在拯救世界各地的生命,”联合创始人兼首席执行官Adam Kaplan说,“商业和工业无人机用户希望在消防、公共安全和搜索救援领域与AR合作,他们与我们合作的强烈意愿非常惊人,我们迫不及待地将下一组无人机应用扩展到新市场”。

OurCrowd首席执行官Jon Medved补充说:“在OurCrowd,我们特别高兴投资于相信会改变世界的开创性科技公司。使Edgybees如此特别的是,让Edgybee如此特别的是,他们已经证明了,无人机软件除通过以高速增强现实来创造软件历史之外,他们还能拯救生命。”


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